Classroom management without rewards, punishment or wasting learning time.

The SEVEN (7) Tools for Classroom Management

A brief breakdown of the tools



Good Classroom Management is How You Use these Tools together!


No Need For rewards, threats or inefficient use of time!







1. Teaching  Expectations With Exactness Tool (TEE)

Five easy steps and NEW steps to TEACH the students your BEHAVIOR expectations (not character expectations). We don’t tell them, we teach them, establish cue words and practice for clarity in expectations. You have NOT seen how to teach behaviors until you’ve seen this!

2. Care Component Tool

Building real relationships with students. Praise vs. care, how to know when and different ways to show care, when it's detrimental to give too much praise and the delicate balance of care and praise. Included is our secret weapon to handle your most challenging students FOCUSING on what affects students behaving! Really learn HOW to build  solid, true relationships.

3. Focus Intervention Tool

Self correcting, non-punitive method for students to be held accountable for their behavioral choice. NOT punishment! An extension to learning the correct behavior that keeps your students in the learning environment.

4. Effective and Engaging Lessons Tool

Lessons that inspire learning and therefore manage behavior. How we teach is important to good classroom management and your students WANTING to behave. The importance and how to quickly engage when you see behavior problems.

5. Classroom Setup Tool

Physical set up, where we teach,  procedures and expectations for excellent management. Procedures vs. expectations, what we do in the classroom really helps with them choosing to behave and not feel threatened or manipulated.

6. Preparing Yourself Tool

Getting yourself ready and staying ready to proactively guide your students to behave appropriately while you take control of your classroom and NOT your students. They will be instrinsically motivated to behave when you're at your best. Showing you how to find this life balance!!

7. Self Control Tool

Techniques to eliminate those pesky learning time-stealing behaviors. Eliminate escalating situations in a respectful and reflective way. Deciding which behaviors to address and making the learning environment safe and predictable for EVERY student.