Classroom management without rewards, punishment or wasting learning time.

Help EVERY ONE of your students behave in 45 days!

(Even students that really challenge you!!)



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Good Classroom Management is NOT your students behaving. Good Classroom management is what YOU DO to motivate them to intrinsically behave!

New and Innovative.

It all boils down to a NEW way of building a caring, empathetic, fair,  respectful, EMPOWERING and efficient classroom environment that cultivates learning! Here are some things you'll learn in this program: 

  • Learn how to use SEVEN research based tools that empower you to create a classroom environment where students not only learn HOW to behave but why!

  • Eliminate rewards AND punishments which are only extrinsic motivators and not effective!

  • How to use these tools to simplify your job, eliminate trips to the principal and increase learning.

  • Learn to think about behaviors proactively and also reactively as problems solvers.

  • Teach behaviors through our FIVE step tool where they'll learn behaviors kinesthetically and strategically.

Here are some results from satisfied teachers


Become An Ace In 45 Days:

The 7 Effective tools

Learn how to use these SEVEN (7) amazing tools more efficiently. You'll learn what research has shown to make these tools even more important than ever in creating a classroom where students want to succeed!

Why are they REALLY behaving?

From the outside, your results will look like any other good classroom management. But, when you look closely, the student behaviors are NOT because fear, threat or manipulation based. They behave because they now intrinsically WANT to!

Pro-active vs. Re-active

Use the tools to proactively create your PERFECT classroom then use these SAME tools to fix any misbehaviors. All you need in these seven tools for any misbehavior!

Remote Classrooms

Are your students learning remotely? Take ANY behavior and use these tools to either prevent them or fix them! The principles you learn are able to be implemented to the virtual classroom so that your students can get the most out of their time with you. 

Short and ENGAGING Lessons

The daily lessons can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Making it easy to go through without adding more to your already busy lives. Filled with activities, worksheets and application, you'll be activated into learning!

Access Course Anywhere for Lifetime.

You'll be able to access the course from your phone, laptop, computer or any other device so you can go through it anywhere and any time you have a minute!

Not only HOW to behave but WHY

They'll learn how important it is to behave to your expectations. They won't just be successful in HOW to behave but WHY they should behave!

What Makes This NEW and Different!

This isn't like any other course you've seen before. * Our unique proactive approach on ALL steps of teaching behaviors, HOW we teach behaviors and use of the tools ALL in one place! It's putting what you already use successfully and systemizing it for more efficiency and EASE!


What makes this different?



* Empathy, care, respect, clear expectations and fairness are EMBEDDED into the tools. No rewards, or fear, threat or manipulation based strategies are used.

* Use the SEVEN research based tools to proactively create a classroom where students not only learn HOW to behave but WHY!

* Use these SAME seven tools to fix problems when and IF they occur. All in one tools box for all you'll ever need!

* HOW we teach behaviors is EXTREMELY unique because it's research based! We teach the way we teach to "swing a bat" and how we teach to "a math problem"!

* We encourage problem solving and using strategies BEFORE the misbehaviors occur.

* We teach you to use what you ALREADY know and use successfully in a better more EFFICIENT way.

*** From a bystander's point of view, this will LOOK the same as any other good classroom management class. BUT, the difference is how they got there and WHY the students are choosing to behave!!

Here is what some teachers and students say about the program:

2nd Year Teacher Success

She eliminated reward systems and her students scored highest in math than the other veteran teachers!! 

Ms. Grimes - (First Grade Dual Language Immersion, 2nd year)

My job is so much easier!

I don't need to deal with complicated and expensive reward systems. I don't use punishment in any way at all! And, I got my learning time back! 

I go home so much more relaxed and get through my lessons! 

Christine M. - music teacher

Students SUCCEED in Specialists!

My students are also great with other teachers, even substitute teachers! I can tell they have a deep understanding of the rules. 

Teacher - Wendy C.

Student Endorsement!

This is fair. I understand why I need to make good choices and like to do it! 

- Mariana

I like that we all learn the good behaviors. The rowdy kids don't make trouble for us anymore!


I knew what was expected and I felt like my teacher cared.


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Pamela Tseu

M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction, B. Ed SPED/Elem,

B.S. Psychology and Management

I've been an educator for over 30 years in elementary school, music specialist and guest teaching at ALL levels and  have honed in on classroom management because of my OWN failures!  

Thinking back, I thought I had excellent classroom management because of 99% passing rate on state assessments and Title 1 students' scores higher than large school district passing rates. However, I found I was sorely wrong.  Students learned but it was taxing on our relations, almost feeling like punishment and was NOT efficient use of learning time!

Then I went overboard with reward systems! That wasn't it either! Too much time, money and effort used! Mostly time that could be used for learning was being compromised through unnecessary techniques!

I realized I had learned the skills that are taught in this course through years of teaching, but I wasn't using them to their fullest potential. And, now I want to offer these SEVEN researched based tools to you! 

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You have 90 days from the day you purchase the courses to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee. 

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