Post 1: Day One

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2020

Why did I start thinking, researching, refining my classroom management in the first place? What was DAY ONE about? I was probably where you are whether all the time, never or anywhere in between. 


I was tired of being tired! Tired of kiddos talking. Tired of me being upset and frustrated. Tired of planning a lesson that couldn’t be taught. Sometimes just tired of wasting learning time on reward systems that took too much time and money! Tired of what I felt was lacking respect for learning, my instruction, me as a person, etc! You know what I mean, right?


I was mad at the students. I was mad at myself for being mad at them. I wanted to understand and be patient but it was frustrating! I stayed up all night planning a lesson I was extremely excited to share. It was engaging. I knew they’d learn and basically, a stellar lesson. If they could just get on board, they’d think so, too!


Too often the day would be done and tomorrow would be another refreshing DAY ONE. I’d start again. But, after many of those DAY ONEs I found myself getting worn out that we weren’t getting to DAY TWOs. Don’t get me wrong. I was learning along the way. Each day was an improvement. But, then another DAY ONE would occur. 


Sounds pretty pathetic now that I'm writing it down. What’s up with DAY ONEs? Why is that so discouraging sounding? It feels like we’re starting all over. Feels like no progress was made. It feels like I'm a hamster on a wheel that keeps stepping over DAY ONE over and over again. Like that playing card on the bicycle wheel spoke. With every “tick”, “tack”, “tick” we’re backing where we started again. DAY ONE!


However, I remember the DAY ONE that never came back! It was a day I put all my knowledge into one package. The question that propelled me out of that last DAY ONE of craziness was “what actually affects good classroom management?” I wrote them down . . .1,2,3,4,5,6, and that one, too, SEVEN!


Today is your DAY ONE, if you take it and I hope you will. It will take you to the next day and out of the hamster wheel frustration in your classroom. For your sanity and ease of your job, for your students’ sake because they deserve us adults getting  this right for them and for ultimately our profession to move forward.

Join me and let’s get to the rest of the days because although DAY ONE sounds like it’s the top, It really is the first rung of the ladder of managing the classroom environment that we can create step by step, DAY by DAY!


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