Classroom management without rewards, punishment or wasting learning time.

WHY is this NEW and Different?

SEVEN Research-based tools!

1. Will save your school/teachers $$

2. KIND approach to get the expected behaviors!

3. Students increase learning!

4. No more visits to principals - all situations handled in the classroom

5. Especially effective for challenging students and SPED!

* Research-based around WHY students behave

* Behavior MOTIVATION, NOT Behavior Modification!

* Proactive approach in EVERYTHING relating to behaviors

* Use these tools to proactively CREATE a classroom where students WANT to behave.

* HOW we teach behaviors helps students understand HOW to behave and WHY.

* Use the SAME tools to fix problems, if they occur.

* ALL classroom management solutions in this toolbox of SEVEN tools

* ELIMINATE the need for expensive, time consuming REWARD systems!

* NO punishment, consequences or discipline!

Create a Classroom where students not only know HOW to behave but WHY.