Classroom management without rewards, punishment or wasting learning time.

Post 3: Why Do We Resist Change?

Nov 02, 2020

The other day I was with a teacher, in a guest teacher situation, who was clearly frustrated with her class. She said, and I quote, "All the students are horrible. They’re disrespectful, talk all the time!", etc. Wow! I thought they were an evil class. After meeting them for the first time, my heart melted. They were such cute 3rd graders! Not monsters like she had described, but just kids!


This is how I formed my opinion! I took the students back to my class (we took turns teaching the students). She was able to come in with me. I used two of my tools and after about 20 minutes the students were engaged, following directions and working hard to learn!


What disrespectful students? I can see how they COULD be. But, I also saw how they were behaving to my expectations. This is not about them.  Sorry, to say but it’s about this teacher. After witnessing success in managing her “disrespectful” class, she still had doubts. In fact, she...

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Post: 2 What is Care?

Nov 02, 2020

Strange question? Difficult to describe in words? Maybe sounds like a psychological journal of sorts? I think it’s important to know WHAT care is so that we know how and, more importantly, why we use it in the classroom. 


Take a second. Answer the question of the title. How does it make you feel to care? How does it feel to have someone care about you? Okay, I know I'm just asking a ton of questions and not giving you any answers. But, I don’t know if I want to do it anyway! I sort of feel evasive today. But, more importantly. I want to be the educator who asks the right questions for YOU to learn what you need to for yourself! Sound good?


Our goal as educators is to teach. Hand in hand with teaching is to care, right?


Do you buy it? Does it resonate with you? How much do we express care? Why is this important? I mean, at some point as learners we care about our own learning because we care about ourselves. No matter if the educator or...

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Post 1: Day One

Nov 02, 2020

Why did I start thinking, researching, refining my classroom management in the first place? What was DAY ONE about? I was probably where you are whether all the time, never or anywhere in between. 


I was tired of being tired! Tired of kiddos talking. Tired of me being upset and frustrated. Tired of planning a lesson that couldn’t be taught. Sometimes just tired of wasting learning time on reward systems that took too much time and money! Tired of what I felt was lacking respect for learning, my instruction, me as a person, etc! You know what I mean, right?


I was mad at the students. I was mad at myself for being mad at them. I wanted to understand and be patient but it was frustrating! I stayed up all night planning a lesson I was extremely excited to share. It was engaging. I knew they’d learn and basically, a stellar lesson. If they could just get on board, they’d think so, too!


Too often the day would be done and tomorrow would be...

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